My Personal Superheroes

There is this woman that visits me every so often. Her name is Ansiedad.  She comes in like a whirlwind and cripples me. 

There is not a moment that passes, when I see her at the doorway, that I don't want to slam the door in her face.  But, she's strong, so very strong.  She pushes me to the side and takes over.  She yells at me, punches me in the gut, and makes me want to roll up into a little ball.  She makes me want to hide into a closet and envelope myself in the darkness.  Like a tyrant, she has the power to set off my tears.  Sometimes she is cruel enough to bring her friends, Soledad and Depresión.  They're a small gang that knows how to spew cruelty and lies. 

Sometimes, I succumb to them.  Ansiedad can stay for days, ridiculing me at every turn.  While Soledad whispers in my ear that no one cares for me, Depresión has me under my blankets wishing they would all just go away.

Ansiedad is known as Anxiety to most people.  Soledad is loneliness and Depresión likes to be called Depression in English.  These three have a lot of power over a lot of people.  They like to storm in and take over, not caring who gets destroyed in the aftermath.

The thing is I know some other pretty fantastic characters who know how to handle these three well...very well.  When these superheroes come in to defend me, the villians cower in their presence.

See, I have my own personal superhero squad.  Courage and Bravery always comes to save the day.  They sweep in and with just a look, the three villains run fast.  Courage and Bravery helps each and every time. 

Courage reminds me to step out of the darkness and embrace my true self.  She tells me to believe in myself.  She whispers that I am enough.  She gives me memories that are like kryptonite to those bitches.  She says that I am fierce.  She screams from the rooftop that there is no one like me, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made...

...and that's when Bravery steps in.  She is the mother of my personal superheroes.  She holds me.  She kisses me and pats me on the back, pushing me to defeat the villains.  She hugs me and tells me that I have gone through worse, don't let those three bully you.  I'm better that that.

Yes, Ansiedad, Soledad, and Depresión, come back... 
Sometimes my screams and yells don't have Courage and Bravery come as soon as I need them...
Sometimes I need someone else.

And that's where my back-up plan comes in.

I have my Heavenly Father.  And you know and I one's going to mess with Him.


  1. Beautifully written Nay ♡ Show them who's boss!

  2. You are so awesome! I love how you said this, and yes... You do have a team of super heros waiting to save the day, but I'd argue that you have some super hero status going on as well, if you didn't you wouldn't find the strength to call in reinforcements! Xox


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