That time I turned into a mouse...

A little recap on my weekend...

Halloween Night was spent pretending to be a mouse.  I thought I looked pretty cute and never thought I'd like red lipstick so much!  The kids went as a vampire and the dark night with the hubby as a last-minute robber who stole the mouse's heart (aw!).  We went to a Halloween carnival that had a trunk-or-treat theme to it.  There was a petting zoo and lots of candy.  Afterwards, stopped by to see my brother to show him how cute I looked.  A little Superman greeted me at the door.  Awesome night for someone who doesn't like Halloween very much.

Saturday was for eating at Shakey's and getting the girl's heelys a size bigger.  This girl is growing like a weed, yo!  We rested for the rest of the day and surprised the kids with Alex Ramon's magic show.  Had so much fun!  He is an amazing illusionist and I loved all the #newmagic he did.  He's a sweet guy and the kids are still talking about the awesomeness of the show.

We woke up late on Sunday and just lounged a while until Grandma picked up Miah for her annual day, just the two of them.  Grandma takes each of the kids out for their birthdays and the kids look forward to it every year.  While the girl was out with Grandma, I got to spend time with just my boys.  Lucas got undivided attention from Mama and Daddy and he was thrilled.  We went to have his favorite food, DimSum, and he traded some games at GameStop.  He was loving the time with us although he kept saying his missed his Miah.  I love how close they are...even if he posted on my instagram the total opposite.  Funny boy.

And now Monday has reared her ugly head on me yet again.  I'm never prepared for Mondays.  I was pretty thrilled to wear a sweater this morning, though.  Cooler weather has arrived in Southern California, although I was checking the weather app this morning and it said 80s the rest of the week.  What?!

No worries.  I've got my red cup in hand, ready to see what this week brings.  Hope you have an awesome Monday, loveys!

What did you do this weekend?
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