TIGF: Things I'm Grateful For - Hey LOVEYS!

Happy Friday, Lovey!
Grab a cup of something warm and cozy (and caffeinated, preferably) and let's chat it up, shall we?  It's another "TIGF: Things I'm Grateful For" Friday and I'd love to tell you everything I was thankful for this week.  Will you take the time to tell me all about your grateful moments?  I'd love to hear them! :)

First up, I surprised the kiddos on Tuesday and took them to The Happiest Place on Earth!  Well, really anyplace is the happiest when I get the opportunity to have two-on-one time with these gorgeous creatures.  They were thrilled when we pulled up to Disneyland and kept saying, "You got us good, mama!"  This mama's heart was so full.  We got to see the Haunted Mansion all spruced up Nightmare Before Xmas style, munched on overly expensive popcorn, and just enjoyed.  I'm so grateful I have the chance to take off work and be able to create spontaneous memories with them.

I got to talk to Kristine on Tuesday night and ask her all the ins-and-outs of how to make un-slutty brownies (I didn't have any Oreos - what?!).  I love hearing her excited HI! when I call her.  She's such a peach!  I caught Miah writing the other night and had to capture it.  That was my favorite photo of the week.  I had some anxiety issues before class on Wednesday, but after texting with Laura and writing some, it got better.  I got my period the next day which explains a lot.  That other photo of my confident niece is still giving me happiness.  I loved the post I wrote yesterday.  I'm very grateful for these little moments (even the bad ones) because they give me a moment to be inspired by my life.

I got my haircut last Friday and girl, I feel fly!  I love how it turned out and how it makes me feel like me again.  Do you see that last photo on the right?  That's my new Wake Me Up Designs t-shirt!!!  I love it.  So comfy and it speaks to me.  LOL  Hello?! "Depresso:  The Way You Feel Without Espresso" (!)  I'll have Sarah over sometime next week because she wants to give all my Loveys a discount code to her shop!  YAY US!  I'm totally grateful for my iphone so I could capture these awesome #selfies that make me feel gorgeous, yo!

Tell me all about your week, loveys!  How was it?  What have you been up to?  Any exciting plans this weekend?  Talk my ear off...you know I love it!


  1. I went to Disney World on a class trip in middle school. I have always wanted to go back...one day!

    I can relate with the anxiety, such a creepy thing...sometimes you don't even realize it's coming and it hits you hard. I'm glad you feel better about things though. <3


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