Burnt Out but Grateful {#TIGF}

Wow! This week has been a whirlwind! I don't know how it happens and why I get lost in it all, but I feel fried.  Totally burnt out.  It's probably because I am so overwhelmed because it's finals next week and then it's also the Christmas season.

I haven't put up the tree yet and definitely want to do it this weekend.  Crossing my fingers that it will happen:)

Here's a new installment of #TIGF and I am still grateful even if life seems to be running past me. 

I started reading this gem last night.  Have you read any of Colleen Hoover's books?  I read Hopeless last year because of the raving recommendation from Alissa and got hooked!  I've read almost all of Hoover's books.  The Hopeless series (Finding Cinderella is the last book of the series) is raw, real, lovely really.  Start reading her words - you will not be able to put her stuff down!  I went on to read her Slammed series...and last night tried to download every book Hoover has written.  Yes, I love her writing that much.  I am so grateful to honest-to-goodness good writers.  Reading keeps me sane and I've missed it so.  I look forward to a break from school so that I can drown myself in her words again.

San Francisco last week was just what the doctor ordered.  I loved spending time in SF and just chilling.  I haven't done that in a long while.  Thanksgiving, Black Friday, sight-seeing, relaxing...it was all so good.  And discovering a new song? Exquisite weekend, loveys! Grateful for the opportunity to do this with my little family.  I'm so ready for another vacation now!

Life is good.  Overwhelming, but oh so good.  That.  That is what I am truly grateful for.  Getting to live this life with all the busy-ness mixed in?  True Real Life!


  1. I've never read her books, but i'm like, one degree of separation from her because we all know the same authors.


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