how did that happen?

I promise. Really. I was going to come to this space last week. I was going to write thankful posts and something poetic. Really. I was going to find the time to be here. 

But, just didn't happen.  There were days off, Disneyland, a birthday party, kids out of school, a last-minute trip to San Francisco...and I just said it was okay.  It was okay not to give you words for a couple of days.  I did give you a lot of photos, though - on Instagram, of course.

I know it's not the same, but sometimes that's what I can give.  And you love me, so I know you're okay with it.

So just checking in and letting you know I'm still alive.  I don't imagine another post until probably Wednesday, but hey!  You never know...I might have some words I need to write out.  And who do I share those words with?

You.  Forever, you.


  1. Don't feel bad. Life should always come first! Especially when it involves Disneyland. :-) I am counting down the days until our trip done in May!

  2. I love this! I hate that sometimes as bloggers we feel quilty to show up consistently every day/week & instead of really ENJOYING life, we just get by because we have to come up with content. Props to you for taking a week off, bet it feels good :)


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