Thinking Out Loud

Have you heard this song? I'll wait, take a listen...

Awesome, right? I get all kinds of warm and fuzzy when I hear this one now. 

The first time I heard Thinking Out Loud was on Friday night while we were up north.  See, whenever we visit Northern California, we always stay with the Hubby's family - his first cousin and her family.  They are my favorites.  And when we visit, our nephew always drives with us on any outings we do.  He's our DJ in the car.  Alex is pretty awesome - I love when he takes over the music.  Music speaks to me, remember?

So on Friday night, as we were returning from San Francisco, crossing the new Bay Bridge, Alex says, "Okay, holds hands."  My hubby and I were sitting up front, we did as we were told, then something magical happened. Ed Sheeran's voice enveloped the car, his voice took us to another place.  

Alex gave us this song - he gave us a little romance, a little moment of togetherness.  A moment to think out loud about who we are to each other.  My forever.

My husband and I have a really wonderful marriage.  He is my best friend.  He is my unconditional everything.  He gets me like no one else does.  I think it comes from knowing me since I was fourteen...from dating me since I was nineteen...from making me a mom since I was thirty...and from becoming my husband since I was thirty-one.

He has literally been there.  Every memory begins and ends with him.  It's very magical.  He was made just for me.  I love him.

Last night, when we were picking up the kids from their after-school care, I hear my husband yell from the car, "Babe, hurry!  It's our song!"  

Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud blasts from the car...and in that moment, I fall in love all over again.