Control + F11

Control + F11
Control + F11

I constantly hit these two buttons on my computer every day at work.  Entering data day in and day out and refreshing my screen.  Control + F11 does that.  It refreshes.  Which got me to thinking...

How do I "Control + F11" my writing?  How do I refresh my inspiration?

Most days I just sit in front of the screen and type.  Just type it all out and see what comes out onto the screen.  I love to see my thoughts run rampant across the keyboard.  I love to see where my thoughts take me.

I've been known to search relentlessly on Pinterest for inspiration through quotes that I love.  Reading others' words puts me at ease.  It gives me the words I need for the day - or night, usually.  I scroll scroll scroll through the pages and pages of Pinterest wisdom hoping something will catch my eye and make me ponder.

But lately, that scrolling can be very time-consuming.  Time I would rather be writing than scrolling, you know?  But one night last year, I found a pin that stated "10 New Places to Find Quality, Free Photos".  I am no photographer, so I look all over the internet on most days until I find a photo that I can use.  Well, no longer. 

I found a huge amount of companies that let you use their photos for free and free to use any way you want - no strings!  Okay, I lie.  Some of them ask for you to sign up for a newsletter or something - but no big deal.  I love photography.  Photography makes my own words come out so I don't have to be scrolling for quotes to do so.

I've used Unsplash, Gratisography, but my most favorite is Death to the Stock Photo.  I get a free pack of photos sent to my inbox pretty much weekly.  I love it.  Every time I get a pack, I get inspired.  It so works for me.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post.  Definitely not.  I'm just refreshed.  I'm refreshing my inspiration, loveys.  I know a lot of you are bloggers as well, so maybe the photos you find on those sites will refresh your inspiration.

This last pack of photos I got this morning included writing prompts.  Yes!  Prompts to help me start my stories on here.  Stories that I want to share with you this year.

Control + F11, loveys.  Refresh.  Refresh!

And now I want to know, how do you refresh your inspiration?


  1. I run. And many times when I run, I find new inspiration in my thoughts rattling. And when I return from a run, I'll jot them down. :) I also do love Pinterest quotes, by the way.


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