//Just Trust//

I love those moments when words, those lovely letters strung up together, are presented to me. Just like that.  One letter after another to be put it into words that become sentences.  Two little sentences that make me feel okay and calm.

It's usually during those times full of doubt, full of what-ifs, and not knowing what will happen next that I look around and find words.  Words that embrace me.  Words that stop me in my tracks.

Words that come from Him.

For me, He uses my love of words a lot.  Those words are always found in books and Pinterest. That's what I believe.  That's what I'm sticking to.  He knows me well - duh.

Today I was looking for inspiration to write.

I've had some little worries in the back of my head this last week - you know, those little smidgens of negativity that just linger underneath your happiness?  Yeah, those.  I've been pushing those thoughts to the side and being happy.  But, you and I know, loveys, when negativity tries to seep in, we kinda sorta let it, right?

As I was scrolling through Pinterest this morning...

...there it was:

Don't be afraid.
Just believe.

In other words, "I've got this, my Nay.  You don't have to worry about a thing.  Those negative thoughts you're having are not from Me.  Those words of ugliness are coming from our mutual enemy.  You'll be fine.  I've got everything under control."

That these words were presented so beautifully to me is no accident.

I love the ocean.  It's my happy place.  It's my sanctuary.  Those colors the sky is making?  That twilight blue over the sunset?  Yeah, my absolute favorite color.  He wanted me to see this.  I'm firmly in His grasp and don't have to worry.

I gasped when I saw it.  I thanked Him.  He is my Protector.  Why do I ever even doubt?  There will be some changes in my life this year and I've been frightened about those decisions.  I've prayed and asked that He does what He thinks is right.

And He has.  Each and every time He's showed up.  Of course, He did.  He always does.

I don't need to be afraid - I just need to believe.  He knows what's best for me.  I'll just trust.
Simply trust.
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  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Love it. It was something I needed to hear as well. Thanks for passing these words along.

  2. great post. simply moved me,sometimes that's all we need is a reminder that He is there.... ever so quietly His word sneaks in. i would have gotten chills... i also love looking through my feed for that reason, love seeing inspiration and words of hope that others have shared.


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