love-filled food

Choco-Chip Love Cookies

Replicating Papa's Strawberries in Milk

The Way to My Family's Heart

Food makes my world go round.

The way I show love or receive love is usually through food.  Delicious, mouthwatering items of love made by me or others - it doesn't matter.

My dad used to buy strawberries every Summer.  I would watch as he carefully washed each strawberry, cutting the leafy stems, and slicing them in half.  He'd put them in a long Pyrex, sprinkle them with sugar, and drown them in condensed milk.  He'd put them in the refrigerator and after dinner we'd eat them after dinner.  All day long, I'd try to sneak a strawberry or two from the fridge, but he'd always catch me.  "Ay, Renesita, okay.  Just one," he'd smile.  Strawberries in cold, sweet milky cream...the way to my heart each time.

I have been doing somewhat of the same thing with my little family.  I make them chocolate-chip cookies and chocolate cuppycakes every month or so.  It's my way of showing them how much I love them.  Lucas is my little thief, just like I was.  "Just one, lovey.  Just one for now," I smile.  Just like my Papa.

When I go get froyo - just regular yogurt with strawberries - my heart aches for my Papa.  Trying to replicate his dessert makes me happy.  It makes my heart beat just a little happier.  I think that my kids will probably feel the same way when they eat just-out-of-the-oven cookies or cake.

Food will evoke memories of love.  Food will make their world go round.  With that simple little fact, all is right in my world.