well thank you, weekend!

Just some heartfelt thanks and appreciation to this past weekend...

Time together is all I ever want.  I love how this past weekend turned out - being together in our happy places and ending the weekend cuddled together on the sofa.  My kind of bliss.

Blaze Pizza
Thank you, Blaze Pizza for providing one of the better "No Meat Friday" meals I've had in a long time.  I loved that I could create my own pizza pie that was definitely not a measly little size and at a great price.  My hubby and I both had vegetarian fare, while the kids had the cheesiest pizza they could make.  It was a bargain for a family of four and to top it off, the service was friendly and fast.  It will definitely not be our last time there!

@ Pepperdine University, Daddy's Alma Mater
Thanks Pepperdine University for being in Malibu.  We always stop by the hubby's alma mater when we're headed to any beach in Malibu.  Stopping at the bookstore is always fun and provides us with our annual college t-shirts.  This time we ate in one of the cafeterias and the kids loved it.  They kept saying, "we want to go to school here!"  Who wouldn't want to go to school pretty much right on the ocean.  It was a beautiful start to our beach day.

Sunset View from Neptune's Net in Malibu
Thanks to Neptune's Net for giving us some pretty darn beautiful views after spending the whole day at the beach on Saturday.  We were starving after a day of playing in the sand and running through the waves, so heading out to this little seaside eatery was such a good idea!  We had our fill of lots of fried fish and chips.  We are definitely going back to try the clam chowder and steamed seafood this place offers.  I'm telling you....so good!


  1. Oh my gosh! That pizza looks amazing! I wish I lived close enough to dine in that place :)


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