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Hi Loveys!

This week is going to be so awesome. Well, any week that starts off on a Tuesday is a good one in my book!

I have been looking forward to this week all year, really.  It's almost time for Elevate - this Saturday, in fact! You know how much I love Elevate...but the biggest reason is to see all my bloggy friends.  The bloggy friend bonding is going to start sooner, too!

On Thursday, Laura is flying in from Washington and we'll have lunch.  She's bringing her cutie-patootie baby girl, so I get to have some baby snuggles:)  I was thinking of just having lunch on campus at work and show Adleigh the turtle pond.  Total photo opportunity for Laura!

Since our home's piping is going to be getting fixed this weekend, the hubby and I decided to get a hotel room with the kids closer to the conference.  We've known about the piping issue for a while now and were going to ask my brother to have us for the weekend, but thought, "why not make it a mini-vacay for us?"  So, we're off to Costa Mesa for a few days.  While I'm at Elevate, he'll take the kids out and about.  They're actually pretty excited to go to a hotel since there will be cable.  I guess on Saturday, there's a Jurassic Park marathon on AMC that they're really thrilled about.  {lol}

Friday night, though, Kristine, Megan, and I had planned on having dinner someplace - probably Mickey D's 'cause we're fancy like that - so the families can get together.  Can't wait for our kids to get together and get some more baby snuggles in with Kristine's baby boy.

Would it be totally unacceptable to have these beautiful specimens on Saturday morning?!

Every single time Alissa posts these doughnuts on her Instagram feed, it makes my damn mouth water!  Since, it's only a half mile from the hotel, I'm getting on that!  CANNOT WAIT to sink my teeth in one (oh, who am I kidding? at least 3! lol) and some coffee (decaf of course)! Baby Girl Soriano will be loving me on Saturday!

Then I'll be off to Elevate!
Elevate Blog Conference
Isn't it just the prettiest thing you've ever seen?  I'm not expecting it to be too hot this year...and I'm just going to be chill.  I want to have a good time and just be.  Take it all in.  Take all the hugs in.

I can't wait!  I've been looking forward to this.
I'm definitely sure it will not disappoint:)


  1. Sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to hear all about Elevate :)


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