Meet the Family (a letter to you, Annika)

Dear Annika,

Hi baby girl!  Yes, we've finally picked your name, sweetie.  Your name will be Annika Ryan.  I'll tell you in another letter why we decided on that for you, okay?  Just know that it is so nice to finally talk to you by name, sweet girl.

I got to thinking this morning that I should probably introduce you to the little family you are coming into.  Since the doctor has scheduled your birthday already, it seems pretty official.  By the way, you're set to arrive on September 12th!  Well, that's if you think it's a good idea.  If you want to come earlier, no problem.  You do what you gotta do, okay?  Just try to stay inside Mommy's tummy until September, okay?

Anyway, so here goes.  First off, you should know that you are so very much loved already and we haven't even formally met yet!  We've been praying and hoping for you for many years.  Your sister and brother have been asking for you for just as long.  We can't wait to meet you, Annika!

This is your big sister, Miah, and your big brother, Lucas.  They've been praying for you every night asking for you to be safe and warm.  Miah is the oldest and is 11 years old.  She is a great sister and will protect you like no other.  She's very loving and will probably smooch and squeeze you up a storm.  I know there's a big age difference between the two of you, but I know your bond will be really strong.  I just know.  Lucas (9 yrs old, by the way!) will make you laugh all the time, Annika!  He is so excited to be your big brother and has been taking care of you every step of the way.  Every night he tells you a joke or whispers things to you.  You're making him a big brother and he is so very proud of that.  I know you'll like him a bunch!

That's us...your Daddy and Mommy.  Daddy is a big teddy bear.  You'll love him instantly!  He's very affectionate and playful.  He makes everything fun!  He is also the rule enforcer.  He's the one who will set you straight if you're going off your path, but Lucas and Miah said they'll help you out on that part.  Behind the tough guy exterior is a heart of gold.  Oh!  He's really cuddly too!  I'm your Mommy and we've already been bonding a lot.  I tend to be highly emotional (you'll get used to it) and very touchy-feely.  I'll be the one to wake you up with besitos every morning.  Oh!  I'm also the one that loves to bake.  Your brother and sister think I'm tops and I'm sure you'll like me too:)  

You've been baking in Mommy's tummy for 23 weeks and 5 days!  You love to dance and do somersaults - especially at night and right after I eat.  You seem to already have a personality all your own.  Whenever Daddy talks to you, you kick.  It's pretty adorable, Annika.

I promise you, baby love, that you are coming into a family that will pour so much love on you that it'll be overwhelming at times.  We love to have adventures, so you'll get to see some sights when you arrive.  There is so much to tell you, but I think it'll be best to tell you one baby step at a time.

Annika Ryan, I love you very much.  Keep warm and safe.  We're rooting for you! 



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