Because Coffee...of course

So here's the thing...


And on top of that, I miss our coffee chats.  The ones where we hang out for a few minutes and just chat about our lives.  So, today I grabbed a donut and my imaginary coffee (I had way too much decaf yesterday), got to this here computer and I'm ready to hang.  Are you all situated?

How have you been lately?  Me?  Oh, you're so sweet for asking!  I've been swell.  Great, actually.  I'm still on a high from Elevate.  Sorry, but I'm waiting until probably next week to give you all the deets on that day.  Just know, that conference is one every blogger, rookie or veteran, should attend. 

Did I feel...
Inspired? Check. 
Emotional? Check. 
Connected? Checked times infinity. 

For a little peek on how you feel about the friendships and love that you get from Elevate, check this post out.  Megan hit it right on the head...perfection, I tell ya.

Speaking of perfection...okay, food.  I always want to talk about food.  I had the most amazing salad at Elevate from Stone Fire Grill.  It was so amazing I had to have it for lunch today.  If you're ever in the SoCal area, do stop by and eat there.  Awesomeness in your mouth! Oh and I had the carrot cake today, too.  I die!

Food, coffee, life...everything is so good lately.  I feel refreshed and renewed with life!  Being pregnant and having a little life grow inside of me is making me feel so blessed and grateful.  Everything is coming together as it should be and it's making me feel super thrilled.

I told you we're moving, right?  It's exactly what we had been praying for.  Prayed for a little backyard for the kids, a good bathtub (priorities, yo!), lots of light and windows, good schools, a nice area, and hoped for a place off a main street.  Everything!  Each thing I prayed for this new place had.  I had been so worried about the kids going to new schools, especially that they might go to two different schools.  But, God made sure they would have at least one year together to adjust.  He is so good!  The home school for the new place is from K-6, so Lucas and Miah will be together.  #PTL!

It's been good around here.  Just good.  I love life and how it's all just falling into place.  I'm on a break from school until Annika arrives in September.  Just got an email from the professor for this last class and got an A...#holla!

See, it's all good.  Tell me what's up with you lately.  What are you happy about?  What's been going on, lovey!