When All is Good in My 'Hood {Tuesday Ten}

Those moments...
The ones that feel that everything is falling into place...
The ones that sometimes just make you smile so wide that your face hurts...

Those moments have been making life pretty awesomely wonderful.

Here's a little peek at what I'm talking about:

1.    Mommy & Lucas Day.  On Friday, Lucas and I took a mental health day.  We both needed it.  We had breakfast at home, packed for our weekend away, went Dollar Store shopping, ate at Target, and mini-roadtripped it to Costa Mesa.  He joined me for dinner with my best bloggy friends, too.  It was pretty sweet to have some one-on-one time with my boy.  We rarely do this together, just the two of us.  We had a great time.

2.    Elevate Blog Conference.  More details in a future post(s), but I came away from it much different than years past.  I was so relaxed, not a care in the world, enjoying my online-turned-offline friendships, and just happy.

3.    Lily Jade.  Dear Baby Registry Fairy, please send this bag to me!  I fell in love with this bag on Saturday and was fiercely jealous when my blog bestie won it!  Still love you, though... I dreamed of the things I could do with that bag!  Use it as a diaper bag, an overnight carry all, for school...oh the possibilities!

4.    Pho Paper Lantern Restaurant.  The Hubby found this restaurant while I was at Elevate.  He liked it so much that we went to have lunch there on Sunday!  It was amazing.  If you are ever in Costa Mesa, it is a must try!  Fast and friendly service, too! 

5.    Grower's Direct.  Caddy corner to the restaurant was a little grocery store filled with fruit and veggie goodness.  I got mangos, a watermelon, a papaya, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and two loaves of bread for $15.  FIFTEEN DOLLARS!  I've been in heaven this week eating all the goodness.

6.    Stop it, you are Amazing.  This shirt is not just a shirt!  It's an empowerment starter, loveys!  I wore this tee on Sunday, going about my day, and wonderful things happened.  I was happy and fierce in it.  I felt good.  I was stopped in a grocery store from the sweetest little lady and I got to share with her how AMAZING we are as women.  She said Thank You.  Thank you Summer & Jen, and Courtney.  Just a t-shirt - pshhh, yeah right!

7.    Annika's 24-week Ultrasound.  My girl was being stubborn yesterday at our monthly specialist's appointment.  She wouldn't look at the camera when the doc wanted to take her alien pic (aka 3D image).  She's doing great, though.  Doc said she's at the perfect weight for 24 weeks (1 lb. 1 oz.), lots of fluid, and Mommy's fibroid hasn't grown!  YAY! The Doc actually said I'm doing a great job taking care of her and myself, especially being high risk and over 40.  #patmyselfontheback

8.    Grey.  Um, I have a date on June 18th with another man.  Sh! Don't tell my hubby...but when Christian Grey wants to see you, you obey.  So excited for this book! 

9.    Moving.  Yes, we are!  So much to tell you about this, but that will be another post.  We're moving 15 mins away from work and so so so happy about it.

10.  Relax. Relax! It's going to be okay.  Oprah said so.  Must-watch video I've seen today.  Tell me what you think after you see it, k?

This post inspired by Lauren Conrad's Tuesday Ten.