//just like i used to//

I keep trying to figure out what to bring to this space.  I've been so off with any type of writing lately that I decided, just now, in this exact moment, to just come here and write.  I'm going to do just like I used to.

Life has been such a blessing lately.  This year, especially. We've blessed with expanding our little family.  Annika will be here before I know it - only 9 weeks to go! - and every day I get a little more excited.  Friends near and far have been gifting us with so much.  From prayers to hand-me-downs, God is providing in every single way possible.  We registered at Target this weekend and only really had to put the little things on our list.  All the big-ticket items have been taken care of.  I think the only big thing on our registry is the stroller/carrier combo.  Awesome, right?!

Miah and Lucas will be going to a better school this year which makes this momma's worry subside for a bit.  Bullying and taunting is no joke - at any age.  So knowing that we've moved to somewhere new with schools that score 9 out of 10 is such a relief.  The new school actually has a PTA!  I get to be involved again.  They've been attending a summer day camp close to our new place and it's been pretty great.  Instead of the old summer program where they'd been stuck in a room all day, this new place has outdoor programs in the morning, tutoring and martial arts in the afternoon, and weekly field trips!  They've been swimming at least once a week and went to see the new Minion movie yesterday.  They are making new friends and it's making me so happy to see them...well, happy.

The Hubby has been Superman during this pregnancy.  I've been so restricted lately with how much I can move or do anything, really, that he's had the bulk of the home duties.  Not one complaint has come out of him - only love and care from my hero.  I am so very lucky to have married a man that shares in this thing called parenthood and marriage.  Lucky isn't even the word to describe it...he's just everything.

Life lately...it's been good.  My pains have been minimal.  I went to the doc yesterday and not one trace of blood in my urine #PTL  I'm still on modified work duty and taking in week by week, but it's all good.  It's just how it should be.

Better that that...I'm just how I should be.


  1. Praising GOD for a clean test! YAY!!!! Cannot wait to see Annika's sweet little face!

  2. This makes my heart happy! <3 <3


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