No beach problem

The beach.

Sand between my toes, the sound of waves crashing at the shore,a good book at my fingertips while my family builds pyramids and castles...this is my bliss.

The beach has always been our happy place.  Knowing that my husband loved it as much as I do sealed the marriage deal...well, not really, but it sure is awesome that we share a mutual love.  We go there all the time - not just in the summer...gotta love that SoCal living.

Sadly, we haven't been to the beach since Spring.  Being pregnant never stopped me before...but this baby girl has been a completely different experience.  As you know, I'm on modified work duty and modified bed rest when I'm at home.  It's pretty limiting and I don't want to risk anything that could make little Miss Annika arrive to early... the beach is out. Hashtag sad face.

But, you know what?  I'm not totally bummed.  Although I'm limited with certain activities that are way too mobile for this mama, there is one thing that is wonderfulness contained for me.

Ah the bubble bath.  In my new tub.  In our new home.  With a good book.  Yeah, baby this works just fine.  After a day of work and then labored movement around the house, a bath just makes everything better.

I know there's a drought in California but we aren't washing our cars and no watering our little lawn, so I figure it's okay.  Plus it's more bubbles than water anyway....  Right?  Um, this is my awesomeness right now, so it better be okay.

Last night, I finished the last page of The Longest Ride and let out a sigh.  It was so good.  I laid in my bath, just happy.  I noticed that being there, I wasn't worried about anything.  Reading took me away and the bath soothed every sore muscle of this pregnancy.  Right now, this is my happy place.  The place where I'm not concerned with what I look like, what others are doing, if I'm good enough, if Annika is growing okay, if Miah and Lucas feel loved, if I'm a good's the one place these days that I can just be.

So no beach? No problem.  I found my happy place.  Life can't get any better than the moments of bubbles between your toes.


  1. I read your blog it's very appealing I'll definitely will be bookmarking your blog

  2. Glad you have found a new happy place! I just finished The Longest Ride too. Loved it! I am now reading Beautiful Ruins and loving it too. Just FYI in case you need a new book :)

  3. I nice bubble bath sounds amazing. I watched the movie the longest ride and really need to read the book, but i will get to that next month hopefully.

  4. Looks and sounds perfect Nay! I have never been a fan of baths but when I was preggers with Zeno I took a few on "bad days" and it helped so much! Glad you found your happy place love!

  5. So happy that you have found another happy spot. I have been wanting to read The Longest Ride but I haven't got around to it yet. :-)


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