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coffee-n-ink is a small-ish blog...you know this and I know this.  I also know we both pretty much don't mind. I know you come here to get your fill from my tiny cup because it's just enough of what you need.  You like coming here on the recently, very seldom times that I actually write something here.  You know it's been a weird time for me.  I don't even have to write those words down.  That's what I love about you, you're here through thick and thin.  

I'm so very thankful for that.  What would this little space be without me writing and you reading, right?  So thanks for being here when I do get a moment to write a little tiny something.

Recently, I've been writing down little notes about what I want to write about.  I do have a lot to say - you know how I can ramble on and on - and I have post-its thrown in my purse to prove it.  That's the thing, though...they're all these things I want to say and tell you about or inspire you from but I just haven't had the energy to come here.

I love what we have here.  I just can't even sometimes is all.  I've been pretty torn lately on what this blog is becoming.  I never wanted a specific niche, you know?  I just want this place to be somewhere that you'd read anything and everything.  A little about my kids, some about my past, what I want for my future, and everything in between.  I wrote my heart out last year - all the ugly words and then some.  I think I just wore myself out. 

Now I'm pregnant - a little over 32 weeks and all I want to talk about is this pregnancy.  The highs and lows along with the good, bad, and ugly.  But I keep questioning myself before coming over here to talk about it because I feel like I'll turn into a mommy blog.  A mommy blog in the sense that all I ever write about is the baby and baby-related topics.  Like I'm putting up boundaries up in here and I don't know if that's a good idea.  

It's part of my life.  But there's so many other things going on.  It's just that this baby is all-encompassing right now....every moment of my currently.

Won't you get bored?  Will you be okay with the change?  I'm asking you for permission, I guess.  There's this absolute new phase happening in my life and I just need to know you'll stay part of my tiny but pretty close-knit community.

Yes, I'm needy.  Yes, I'm in need of validation.   And, yes, it can be pretty annoying.  But you're here, right now, because you care.  So...whatcha think?  

Or am I overthinking it?  Ugh...help!


  1. You're over thinking :) your true friends will read no matter your niche. Keep it from your heart and not a presentation. Think of it as a coffee chat.

  2. Write all the things! it's your blog, you should write what you feel like. :)

  3. Girl, I'll read your words no matter what. Whatever you have to say interests me, because you're my friend.

  4. I always feel like I have to write certain things, but then it's the personal posts that resonate the most with people. You're good. It's all good.

  5. Just be true to yourself. I so admire that you are willing to share yourself in all seasons.

  6. Write what in your heart and on your mind. We are here for you in whatever stage of life you are in. If you share it, we will come. :-)


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