Cover Me Ponchos - Pregnancy Style

Do you remember this post?  The post where I wished and hoped for some sweet and wonderful gifts for this pregnancy?  Well, that sweet Baby Registry Fairy came through!!

A few months ago, Cover Me Ponchos put out a call on Instagram for bloggers.  In exchange for an honest review, CMP would send me a poncho of my choice.  I emailed them so fast your head would spin.  I picked a beautifully hued blue poncho.  A little gift for me for now and then such a help once Annika is here.

So, I should probably explain something.  I had such a hard time breastfeeding with Miah and Lucas.  I never knew that it would be so hard to cover up, let alone breastfeed in public.  Think layered receiving blankets when I was out and about and having to breastfeed in public.  Ten years ago it wasn't as acceptable as it is now.  Ten years ago, I became defeated and stopped breastfeeding altogether after a short six weeks.  Not my finest moment.  Not at all...

But last May, during Elevate, I spent time with Kristine and Ernie Zeno.  She was exclusively breastfeeding (and still is - you go girl!) and made it look so easy.  She wore a Cover Me Poncho and I asked her if it was worth investing in one.  She, hands down, said I had to get one.  It would make my life so much easier.  My CMP is getting me excited to breastfeed.  I really want to do it this time...make a real effort.

What I love about this poncho is not only that I can use it for breastfeeding, but I'll be able to use it for so many other things.  I can use it as a really cute poncho, as you can see with these pics, and I could use it as an infinity scarf.  I've used it as a bathing suit cover up already, as well.  Trust me, no one needs to see those pics, lol.  

Once Miss Annika is here, I'll of course use it as a cover-up during breastfeeding times, but I can also use it as a baby carrier cover.  So versatile...I wish they had stuff like this when Miah and Lucas were babies.

Well, now I get to experience pregnancy and my newest baby in a whole new way.  I can't wait to show you more once she is here!

Here's some more info on Cover Me Ponchos, too.  Expecting?  Check them out.  Not expecting?  I'd still get one - cutest accessory to any outfit!

Functionality style easy to use

We Cover Everything.

Our nursing ponchos are made with light weight, breathable, jersey knit fabric that cover the front, sides, and back of you. No nursing clothing needed.

Car Seat Cover, Maternity Top, Scarf, and More.


  1. First, You are gorgeous!! I'm not just saying that. Second, so jelly. I love the color!!

  2. That is awesome! You look so beautiful in it! Here's hoping I have a similar reason to buy one soon!!

  3. Love this! What a great kind of shirt that can also be a nursing cover!

  4. Seriously my cover me poncho has made breastfeeding this time around SO amazing! I highly recommend them! Thanks for the shout out love! Annika will be her SO soon now and you'll be putting that cover to good use. xoxo


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