Maternity Leave has begun

I've been on maternity leave for a little under two weeks. I had all these plans.  I would have this routine.  I would write.  I would start preparing for baby girl to get here.  Good plans, good effort, but sometimes life has other plans for you.

My last Friday at the office I came down with some type of head cold.  To be pregnant and sick is definitely not a fun experience, let me tell you.  You can't really take anything that would help at all.  I had body aches, a slight fever, and a cough that wouldn't quit.  That was how my first week of maternity leave went.  Fun, huh?

I wasn't the only one sick either.  My Lucas got bronchitis that first week I was home.  So we stayed in bed together and ached together.  Weird, I know, but it was nice to just sleep and cuddle with him.  That was the first week.

This week is looking up, though.  I only cough half of the time now and Lucas is pretty much recovered.  Lucky boy had a 5-day regimen of antibiotics that helped so much.  I got a bit lucky this week, too.  Little Miss Annika Ryan graced us with a photo this week.

See, Annika has been pretty stubborn each month.  I've had to see a perinatologist every month since I'm high-risk.  Every month, I've had the chance to see her beautiful little developing face.  But oh no, not my daughter.  Little girl would turn around or cover her face with her arm...each and every month.

But, this month, our last time seeing the specialist, she gave me a sweet surprise.  I have a glimpse of my daughter who will be be here in a little over two weeks.  Such a wonderful gift.  That little nose and her you see it?!  I can't wait to meet her.  The time can't go fast enough!

It was the best way to start the week.  On top of that, Miah and Lucas started their new school yesterday.  Everything went so well.  So perfectly.  I moved so much when I was in elementary school, so I knew what it was like for my kids to start a new school.  It can be hard and nerve-wracking....and that was just how I felt.  But, hey did awesome.  They made some new friends, loved their teachers, and couldn't get them to stop talking about to school after picking them up.

My babies.  They, all three of them, make me so proud.  So, sometimes plans don't come out just the way you want and I had to learn that it was okay.

Because sometimes, life makes it even better.  Such a sweet maternity leave so far.


  1. Nay, OH MY!! She is gorgeous!!!!!! I know your maternity leave hasn't gone quite how you wanted, but time with Lucas before she gets here is sure priceless. I am counting down the days right with you!

  2. Sucks that you spent the first week sick but glad you are recovering. She is just a little angel!


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