that greatness within me

They're my lifeline.  They are the ones that I couldn't do life without.  They listen to my fears, joys, successes, and failures.  They love me without judgment.  It takes my breath away, most of the time.

Aside from my family - my husband and kids - these women are the ones that help me get through this life.  The ones that help me step away from the ledge on my bad days + the ones who cheer me on during the great days.

I love these people.  This tribe.  They are right there with me, every step of the way.  I just pick up my phone and I can talk with them.  I love how we met.  I love how we nurture each other.  I love that they do this life with me and are part of my village.  They live nowhere near me, but it doesn't matter.  They are at my fingertips.

I've often griped that I don't have any girlfriends.  But I do!  Oh, I do!  Our friendship is stronger than any friendship with women I've had before.  They know more about me than people I've known since high school.  That's saying a lot.

They see the greatness within me and remind me to see it too.  That's what it's all about, really.  Those people in our lives that show up for you.  The ones with the words to tell you that you're not alone in this.  My girls remind me that I'm a bad ass.  They call me out on my BS, too.  They inspire me.  They do this life one step at a time.  And when they can't, when we just can't even, we are there for each other.  Walking those steps together.

So thanks tribe.  You are there day in, day out.  Thanks for the text messages late into the night.  We only see each other, once - maybe twice - a year.  But I see you.  I see you everyday.  I see the good in you and the bad.  Every part of you is greatness.

That's why I sometimes get a glimpse of my greatness.  It's all you, baby.


  1. Love this. I'm so glad you have these ladies in your life. I agree, I feel like I could say much of these same things. I often wonder at the beauty and mystery of it all. How people far away and some I have never even met are among the closest in my heart. Friendship is a beautiful thing that is for sure. :-)


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