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New year. New me. New you. New goals. One major goal this year is to engage this wonderful blogging community better. What better way than to begin a new link up with some blog friends! Together, the three of us came up with Three Things Thursday. Just three things to talk or write about. Five seemed like too many and "one thing" was like we weren't even trying! So any three things that are on your mind. Any three pictures from Instagram. Three complaints about your day/week. Three of your favorite treats. Seriously. Any three things! So write it. Publish it. Yell it from the mountain tops! 
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This is going to be great!  I'm so excited to kick off this new writing goal of Three Things Thursday.  I needed something to put my butt into gear.  So here goes!

There was no way I couldn't not include my favorite beverage this week.  But this cappuccino is more than just coffee.  It was a moment where behind the scenes of this photo was a husband and wife spending a moment together watching their kids play in the mall's outside playground.  It was a whim.  It was spontaneous.  It was just another Saturday where my hubby and I got the kids out and about and experienced life.  It was good.  It was real good.

The parentals are in town!  After almost two years of not seeing each other, I've had the pleasure of enjoying these two's company for the last month.  I missed them something fierce.  It's been good for me to remember how much their absence in my everyday life has molded me.  My Papa and Mom are the ones who have always been my safety net.  Having them live in Peru for the last nine or so years has made me an adult.  I'm cherishing these last few days with them.  Talking long into the night with Papa, sitting on the sofa with Mom with her new grandchild, and just hugging them has been good for my soul.  They still know how to drive me up the wall, though.  Which, don't tell them, I didn't know I missed either.

Miah, Lucas & Annika have bonded so much with their Tata.  It's such a wonderful experience for me.  My dad worked so much when I was little that I hardly saw him.  Maybe on a Sunday afternoon if I was lucky.  It's been such a treat to see him with my babies.  Laughing and tickling, snuggling with stories of his youth, and watching Papa love on my's worth so much to me.  He is in love with his granchildren - more than I ever thought was possible for this strong silent type.  All the heart eyes, loveys!


  1. Your kiddos with your dad is so precious!

  2. Enjoyed reading about your parents in town! Makes me wish that mine were still alive!


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