Double-Digit Birthday (Three Things Thursday #8)

New year. New me. New you. New goals. One major goal this year is to engage this wonderful blogging community better. What better way than to begin a new link up with some blog friends! Together, the three of us came up with Three Things Thursday. Just three things to talk or write about. Five seemed like too many and "one thing" was like we weren't even trying! So any three things that are on your mind. Any three pictures from Instagram. Three complaints about your day/week. Three of your favorite treats. Seriously. Any three things! So write it. Publish it. Yell it from the mountain tops! 
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Introducing the Double-Digit Edition of Three Things Thursday - by Yours Truly!

For this Three Things Thursday, I wanted to yell from the rooftops:

He turned TEN YEARS OLD today (cue the tears!) and my baby boy is, well, not a baby anymore.  My Lucas.

To know Lucas is to love with him.  He is definitely going to make a girl happy one day.  He is:

1.  FUNNY -  He makes me laugh.  I mean, all.the.time.  Cheesy jokes are his jam and he definitely knows how to bring joy into our home.  He makes you smile on your lowest of days.  The things that come out of his mouth sometimes are pure awesomeness - other times, he stops you in your tracks.  My chatterbox - just like his mama.

2. LOVING - Lucas has always held a big piece of my heart.  He is my rainbow baby.  He's the one who fought tooth and nail to get here.  His labor was anything but easy, but we both made it - with flying colors, I might add.  His heart holds so much emotion.  He is quick to anger, but also to that tender loving care that only he can give.  He is Daddy's best friend, that's for sure.  His love for us knows no bounds.
3.  FIERCE PROTECTOR - Do not mess with us.  He is the one who will defend his sister on the playground.  Mind you, she's two years older than him.  Both Miah and Annika will have issues bringing significant others around.  Because of that big heart of his, he feels every emotion we do.  If you do us wrong, it is the biggest fail of your life.  I have a feeling I'm going to have to watch out for that when he's in high school.

Little Love:  Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!  We love you so very much and are so proud of the young man you have become.  Your motto of "A man is as good as his word" rings so true with you.  You make magic just by being around.  The force is strong with you, my little Jedi Master.  I love you!  Love, Mama


  1. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to Lucas today! Lots of love from Washington!!


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