SF by iPhone

This past weekend, we went to our home away from home:  San Francisco.  

One of our cousins is having a baby in March, so we got in the car and made the trek to San Francisco.  We had a great time at the baby shower, seeing family, and stuffing our faces with the best homemade filipino food and sweets.  #dietfail

We usually just go directly to our cousins houses and spend time with them, but this time the Hubby suggested we take a little detour and go to Fisherman's Wharf.

It was awesome!

On the way to San Francisco, at a little rest stop to get onion rings at a Foster's Freeze.  Yeah, it was that kind of eating weekend.  The kids wanted an Annika Sandwich, so ask you shall recieve:)

Fisherman's Wharf was having something called Tulipmania.  There were tulips everywhere.  Um, my favorite flower!!! Miah was rocking that blanket scarf, right?!

We had a great little adventure.  Family dates are where it's at!

Have you been to San Francsico?  Had any spontaneous little trips lately?


Even though I was eating like a maniac on Saturday, I still lost three pounds! #holla