Three Things Thursday #6 {Writing Prompts} & Special Guest Host!

New year. New me. New you. New goals. One major goal this year is to engage this wonderful blogging community better. What better way than to begin a new link up with some blog friends! Together, the three of us came up with Three Things Thursday. Just three things to talk or write about. Five seemed like too many and "one thing" was like we weren't even trying! So any three things that are on your mind. Any three pictures from Instagram. Three complaints about your day/week. Three of your favorite treats. Seriously. Any three things! So write it. Publish it. Yell it from the mountain tops! 
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Use the #threethingsthursday, and let's start talking!
Absolute Mommy

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This week we've asked an uber-talented blogger to join us! 

Welcome Alissa from Diary of an Addict!  
This mama, wifey, CEO, blogger, fashionista ((basically THE Bad Ass Chick Extraordinaire)) has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to pretty much every blogger and aspiring businesswoman I know.  She is never too busy to answer questions or help out her fellow blogger.  That is HUGE in this blogger community.  Alissa definitely holds a special place in our hearts.  Head on over to her blog and Instagram today to see her Three Things! 
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A year or so ago, I signed up to receive free-to-use-however-you-want images from Death to the Stock Photo.  See, I'm no photographer, but I needed some cool pics for my posts.  This website provided that.  Win-Win.  This year, Death to Stock asked if I wanted to sign up for writing prompts.  Um...

As I was at a loss of what to write this week, I decided: Well, why not start using those writing prompts?!  So here goes!
My creativity stems from and through writing.  I feel most alive when my fingers are on the keyboard - just typing away.  Most of the time I have no idea how, when, or what I'm going to write on this blog.  The ideas just come to me.  But most often, they don't.  I've said this before on here that I struggle with what to talk to you about.  I think it happens to the best of us especially if we've been blogging for a while.  You get stuck and don't know where to go from there.  When I get to that point in my blogging experience, I look for inspiration through my tribe.  Megan, Kristine, and Tausha are my loudest cheerleaders and can usually get me out of my writing rut.  This is what every blogger needs.  A tribe...her very own village of like-minded women who will give you that swift kick in the rear or virtual hug to let you know you can do it.  You can write the ugly.  You can write all of the pretty.  Just write.
I remember when I returned from Peru.  I was in my early 20s and visiting one of my girlfriends.  She had just had her daughter - the most beautiful little girl.  If I was having a bad day, I'd stop by my friend's house and spend time with her daughter.  We'd play, color, read was just what my heart needed.  I yearned for those times and hoped I would one day be able to experience this connection with my own flesh and blood.  Almost ten years later, I was blessed with a little princess of my own.  She showed what magic felt like.  The unconditional love from your own child is the most magical thing I have ever experienced.  It is something that I treasure.  My children are my most precious jewels.  Each one shines brightly and vibrantly in their own special way.  They are the magic in me.

In or around 1972, my Mom was eighteen years old.  She wore these beautiful long flower-child dresses with her long beautiful curly hair and splendidly bright smile.  She had her whole life ahead of her.  She had just graduated from high school - a strict private boarding school in the hills of La CaƱada, California.  Shortly thereafter, she moved to Brookline, Massachusetts to pursue a travel agent career and ultimately met my Dad.  I know she probably flew to Massachusetts to start her new journey, but when I think of how she started this new leaf in life - well, it's so different in my mind.  My mother would not have been bound to traveling in a simple airplane.  Oh Mom would've driven cross-country, on her own, in a convertible bug, with the music blasting and those curls flying everywhere.  That's my Mom...that's the woman I'd like to think my mother was.