vent much?

"No!  Just go back to sleep!  Ugh.  Sorry.  I'm just tired.  I got her."
-Me to the Hubby at 5am this morning.

It went all downhill from there, folks.  

It wasn't even a weird occurrence that I was up at 5am with Annika.  Hello?!  She's a baby.  She's going to be up at all hours of the night.  Or at least she used to be...She was only waking up once a night for the last month #bliss, but this week it's gone back to the every two hours.  Or, like last night, every hour or so since 2:30 in the morning.

2:30am: I changed her diaper, she pees all over, change her again, I hear her poop, change her again, feed.
3:30am: Put her down to sleep.
4:00am: She's hungry again.
4:30am:  Put her down to sleep.
5:00am:  She wakes up again, change diaper, breastfeed, she sleeps...I snap.
6:15am: I wake up and start getting ready for work.
7:00am:  Annika wakes up and we start our morning routine.
7:30am:  I forgot to turn the coffee maker on last night and now there's no coffee! UGHHHHH!  Can't find the pumping stuff that I washed last night because Hubby put the stuff in the sterilizer thing.
7:35am:  Throw some things for breakfast and snacks into my lunch bag.
7:40am:  Kiss everyone goodbye and head out.
7:45am:  In line at Starbucks (I need coffee - the biggest one you have!), get $5 gift card and give to barista to treat next customer in line.  I had to do something nice for someone who might be having a shitty morning too.
8:00am: Leave Starbucks and now late for work.
8:15am:  Get to work.  Forgot pre-packed lunch in fridge.  Computer freezes as I turn it on.
8:45am:  Computer finally works and get first sip of coffee in.

Are you as tired as I am?  I really needed to come here and vent.  Just let it all out before I freaking snap...again.  This is real life.  It happens.  Shit happens.  But like all poop, it eventually flushes away - ew?!

I know I have a great life.  I know I'm just whining.  Sometimes it's needed, loveys.  Get the words out and write down all the ugly (to me) out.  Life could we worse...a lot worse.  So thankful I have these gripes and nothing worse to talk about.

Ever have "one of those mornings"?


  1. Gah. I seriously have no idea how you have a baby AND work. The idea alone terrifies me. You are so much stronger than I could ever be. Your my hero friend.


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