Mommy Times Three (Three Things Thursday)

A major goal this year is to engage this wonderful blogging community consistently. What better way than to link up with blog friends! 

Together, the three of us came up with Three Things Thursday.

 Just three things to talk or write about. Five seemed like too many and "one thing" was like we weren't even trying! So any three things that are on your mind. Any three pictures from Instagram. Three complaints about your day/week. Three of your favorite treats. Seriously. Any three things!  So write it. Publish it. Yell it from the mountain tops! 

Just be sure you come back and link it up here! For some extra fun follow us on Instagram for some three things posts! 

Use the #threethingsthursday, and let's start talking!
Absolute Mommy

One. Two. Three.

It's no surprise that when I went to pick three of my favorite Instagram posts from this year (so far), it involved three of my favorite people in the world.
My three kids.
My three little pieces of heaven.
I'm a mom of three!
I sure feel blessed every single day knowing that I am their mother.  It feels awesome to hear them call me Mama.  It's a wonderful feeling to know that sometimes I am the only one who can make it all better.
My three loveys.
The most important loveys of them all.

That's my One, Two, Three Things of this week.
Super simple and sweet.
Just the way I like it.