With my Favorites

There are few things in this life that make me happy.  My children, my husband, writing, the beach, coffee, warm bread with butter...you get the picture.  Moments with my husband and kids top the list always.  These past few weekends have been filled with naps, getting over colds, laundry, homework (mine not theirs), and just overall laziness.  We've just wanted to stay at home and do nothing.  Netflix has been our best friend.

This weekend was no different, really.  The hubby and I took turns taking naps so that someone was always with Annika.  Miah and Lucas played video games and binge-watched Girl Meets World on Netflix.  We made spaghetti, took a trip to Target, groceries for the week, got the laundry done.  Same old, same old.  

Saturday night, the Hubby suggested we take a walk around the neighborhood.  I put Annika in a carrier, Miah got her skateboard, Lucas with his bike, and Hubby held my hand.

It was good.  I felt so complete.  Walking with my family and thinking, "Wow, this is my life.  This is my reward."  I had a hard upbringing.  It definitely wasn't always peachy.  I had to get through so many hurdles to get to where I am today.  I'm not even finished yet, either.  But looking at my kids ahead of me while they skateboarded and rode their bikes, feeling my hubby's hand in mine, and the weight of Annika in her carrier...I was overwhelmed in the best way possible.

I made it.  I got through the hurdles and have been rewarded with all of this.  It is good.  It is very good.

Life is definitely not perfect.  Far from it! But during that little walk that night I forgot about all the things that I stress about all week.  I felt the stress lift off my shoulders.  I wasn't worrying about the homework and quizzes I needed to take.  I didn't think about Annika's hearing loss.  I didn't worry about the school project Lucas needs to get done in the next few weeks.  I didn't think about how to fit in some one-on-one time with Miah.  I wasn't worried about what to make for dinner or when the laundry was going to be done and put away.

I just held my hubby's hand, sneaked a kiss or two...and felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.  Just absolutely thankful for what I have and what is to come.

That walk made everything feel good within my soul.  I know it was just a simple walk with my family - I know that.  I'm just happy I have that opportunity to be grateful to have that walk with my favorites.