I Have a Dysfunctional What?

PSA:  I should preface this post with a little bit of a warning.  If you get grossed out easily or don't really appreciate the TMI , I'll put a little asterisk where to stop and start reading again:)

I have been sick off and on for the last few months.  I blamed it on Annika being in daycare and bringing those infant and toddler germies home with her.  I've had colds, sore throats, low-grade fevers...you get the picture.  So, two weekends ago, when I pretty much slept off the whole weekend with my latest ailment, I didn't really think much of it.  I was just sick again.

Monday came around and I couldn't get out of bed.  My body felt sore and had aches that you feel when you have a fever, but without the fever.  I called in sick and slept the day away yet again.  Tuesday, Lucas had thrown up the night before, so I kept him home and I passed out again.  

*(TMI portion starting...) I got my period on Wednesday.  Since having Annika it's been a bit heavier than usual the first two days.  Nothing alarming, though.  Typically, I'll go through 4-5 pads in a 24-hour period.  Well, Thursday arrived and all hell broke loose!

Wednesday night I had to change my pad twice, still not weird for me, by the way.  On Thursday morning (I wake up at 5am), I noticed I had stained myself overnight.  When taking a shower, the bleeding wouldn't stop.  By 7am, when I was dropping off Annika at daycare, I had already stopped at a bathroom twice.  Once I got to work and had been there until 9am, I had already gone through my daily allotment of five pads!  I had to go home around 10am because I need to change my pants from leaking.  When I got home by 10:30am, I had to run to the bathroom because the blood was running down my legs.

What was going on?!  I called my OB/Gyn and got an appointment for 4:30pm.  From 10:30ish to 4pm, I binge-watched How to Get Away With Murder, and changed my soaked through pads after every episode.  It was scary, loveys.*(TMI portion over...)  

I got to my OB/Gyn's office finally.  She did an ultrasound and a pap smear and pricked my finger for a sample of blood.  The verdict?  I had Dysfuntional Uterine Bleeding and am anemic.  Lots of fun.  She's put me on a low-dose birth control pill (which I think is hilarious since I closed the shop after Annika was born), iron and Vitamin C to take three times a day, and prenatal pills since I'm still breastfeeding.  All of this will help with my estrogen levels and anemia.  I have a follow-up tomorrow to check on my anemia.

Why am I telling you all of this?  I don't typically write about personal stuff of this degree.  Maybe you don't need to hear about all of that...but, maybe you do?  After reading up on Anemia, I've had all the signs for quite a while.  I just never thought anything was that wrong.  The excessive bleeding during my period is gone, but will it be like this every month?  I don't know.  

With all of this happening, I noticed something.  I don't take care of myself.  If my period hadn't put me down for the count, I would never have known that I was anemic.  I'd still think I was just getting over my cold from February.  I'd still be blaming Annika's daycare for the germs I was attracting.  I never thought to book an appointment to get myself checked up.  It wasn't my yearly appointment time.  I just had to be tough and get through it and not be a wuss.  I made excuses - work, school, the kids' school projects, Annika waking up at night, lack of sleep, stress - for it.

Are you doing the same thing?  Are you practicing self-care?  Book that doctor's appointment.  Take an afternoon off during the week.  Do you, lovey.  And I'll promise to do the same.

Dysfunctional?  Duh.  Hey doc, you proved me right once again.  But I got this.  Time to take care of me, right?


  1. Sorry about all the issues and I hope everything gets taken care of. I am awful about self care (I learned my lack of self-care from my mother). I think it is such an issue with women. We want to strong and only use time off for our kids. We need to make ourselves a priority so we can care for our babies.


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