Whatcha been up to, Nay? (Three Things Thursday)

A major goal this year is to engage this wonderful blogging community consistently. What better way than to link up with blog friends! 

Together, the three of us came up with Three Things Thursday.

 Just three things to talk or write about. Five seemed like too many and "one thing" was like we weren't even trying! So any three things that are on your mind. Any three pictures from Instagram. Three complaints about your day/week. Three of your favorite treats. Seriously. Any three things!  So write it. Publish it. Yell it from the mountain tops! 

Just be sure you come back and link it up here! For some extra fun follow us on Instagram for some three things posts! 

Use the #threethingsthursday, and let's start talking!
Absolute Mommy

Well, after yesterday's post, you definitely know what's been up with me lately :)  But, oh lovey!  There is so much more!

 I am thrilled to say that I have completed my first online college session!  Whoop Whoop!  I am definitely patting myself on the back for this one.  In a short 7 weeks, I've completed two classes towards my degree in Liberal Studies.  Oh yeah, didn't tell you that, huh?  That's my major.  Once that's done (two years), I'll start my Master's in Fine Arts and BAM! I'll be done.  Online college is way more time-consuming than I thought it would be, but definitely worth it so I can go at my own pace and finish up these classes fast.  I have a two-week break and then I start off my Summer term.  Go, Nay!

Speaking of two weeks off!  Those two weeks off start right now.  It's going to be awesome because I get to start it off with a Mother's Day weekend and then ELEVATE!  I know I've said this before, but other than my birthday, ELEVATE is my absolute favorite time of the year.  It's the day totally devoted to all things blogging, networking, bonding, eating, and loving on friends that I only get to see once a year.  I'm most excited to see my tribe, the original #elevatehomies of course, but there are so many new women that I'll get to see.
Warning to all the newbies at ELEVATE this year, I'm a hugger.  Or as Megan and Kristine like to joke, I'll smush ya....and you'll like it.  LOL


 In between all this celebrating and ELEVATing, I'll be doing my other favorite pastime:  READING!  I will finally have some time to read up on my TBR list.  It's only a list of three right now (ha!) but hey, it's a list.  Any suggestions on what to read for the next two weeks?  Holla at me!


  1. YAY for some well deserved time off! And seriously you are such an inspiration! Way to go on school! And YAY for smushing next week! Can't wait to see you!

  2. Way to go with school! Online was the only way I could have finished! Can't wait to hug you next weekend!

  3. Congrats on finishing the college courses! Also, I love that you're a hugger and am so grateful I got to squeeze you last year. I wish I was going to Elevate this year so I could do it again. All the hugs and love coming your way Nay!! Love you!!!

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