since I'm not doing much...

I'm currently in the hospital, so why not put some words down instead of just laying here, right? 

I don't really want to talk about why I'm in the hospital because all is temporary.  It gets tiring talking about cancer and its effects all the time.  Well, okay, so I've only talked about a couple of times on here, but in my daily life, it's this thing that lingers over me.  So today, I'm going to be thankful that I'm in the hospital for some maintenance and not anything too serious and write.  Just write.

(I'm not a photographer at all, so when I can find free-to-use-however-you-want photos, I'm in.  I use Unsplash a lot.  So if you're like me, go try it out.  They have pretty much anything to help that blog post eye-appealing.)

I've been getting back to reading lately.  It was so hard to focus when I first got out of the hospital and finished treatments (chemo brain?) that I couldn't get through a chapter or two before putting a book down.  Since I've always been an avid reader, this was heartbreaking to me.  In late April, I noticed a lot of people getting into The Handmaid's Tale, so I thought why not?  I am so happy I picked it up because I couldn't put it down!  That book did it and I've been on a reading kick since.  After wrapping up Handmaid, I've read Thirteen Reasons Why (so different and dare I say better than the series) and Big Little Lies.  I'm currently reading Small Great Things (Jodi Picoult) and it's not bad.  Just finishing it to see if it gets any better, to tell you the truth.  Next read will be The Night Circus which is one I never got to read when it came out years ago.  Any other book suggestions I should read this summer? Put them in the comments, please.

Lately, my cholesterol has been super high.  Oops! Must be all that Netflix and cookies.  When the doctor said he wanted to put me on cholesterol meds, I looked up the side effects of Crestor and was like, "Um, I don't think so!" So, doc has agreed to give me a few months to get my butt in gear with my diet.  I've cut out all the cookies and junk food and am down a good 5 pounds already.  I tried doing a super modified Jillian Michaels workout - I mean modified from the modified girl on the DVD, okay?  I got through it and then was dizzy for a half hour.  I decided to take the 72hours to recover from the soreness and do baby steps.  Walk a little here and there until my stamina comes back.  Since I'm in the hospital, I've been doing walking laps around the ward which gives me confidence that I'll be able to do more when I get home.  I'm thinking maybe heading to the mall after dropping the kids off at school in the morning and just walking.  We'll see.  Baby steps.

Still there?

Summer is upon us...two more weeks and the kids will be out of school.  I'll only have Miah and Lucas during the day since Annika is in daycare all day.  So I'm trying to figure out stuff to do with them so they aren't glued to their phones and tablets all day.  Miah (13) will be taking an Algebra class (her request) to help her out for next year and then she said she may be interested in taking a dance class.  She is super into all sports, so I thought that was a cool change for her.  Lucas (11) wants to take a cooking class.  He loves being in the kitchen and I want to nurture that.  What if he becomes a chef, you know?! Life made for this mama.  I'm thinking we can do a weekly or biweekly movie matinee.  I'm pretty restricted with water activities because I'm still so young into remission, but maybe I can find a pool for them while I'm under the shade and read?  I also want to explore some coffee or tea places and maybe find some cool places to eat or explore with them.  I'd also really like to implement some type of reading for them this summer.  What are you doing with your kiddos?

That's about it for now.  I'm going to go take a hospital walk and get back to finishing that book.  Leave me some love and comments to see what you are up to or how you've been doing.  Love ya, my loveys!